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Gum Surgery in Houston & Missouri City

In periodontal disease treatment, gum surgery is sometimes necessary due to gum disease, gum recession or an overly gummy smile. Dr. Munné performs a variety of surgical treatments for advanced gum disease, including:

Flap/pocket reduction gum surgery

This procedure lifts back a section of the gums and removes tartar. Dr. Munné smooths irregular bone surfaces to limit hiding places for disease-causing bacteria. She then replaces the gum tissue so it fits snugly around the tooth. This technique reduces the space between the gum and tooth, which reduces pockets where harmful bacteria collect, as well as the chances of serious future health problems from periodontal disease.

Guided tissue regeneration

Performed when the bone supporting your teeth has been destroyed, this procedure stimulates bone growth and gum tissue growth. Performed in combination with flap gum surgery, Dr. Munné inserts a small piece of mesh-like fabric between the bone and gum tissue. This prevents gum tissue from growing into the area where bone should be. It allows the bone and connective tissue to regrow and better support the teeth.


Gingivectomy is a procedure that removes gum tissue via surgery. Another gum surgery procedure is called gingivoplasty. This type of gum surgery reshapes healthy gum tissue around the teeth. Dr. Munné typically perform both types of gum surgery.

Gum grafting

The gum grafting procedure reinforces thin gums or fills in places where the patient has experienced gum recession. Dr. Munné takes gum grafting tissue from the roof of the mouth or uses a dermal matrix, then carefully stitches it in place to add tissue to the affected area.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening can improve the health of gum tissue or prepare the mouth for restorative or cosmetic procedures. In addition, crown lengthening procedures can be used to correct a gummy smile, where teeth are covered by excess gum tissue. Crown lengthening exposes more of the natural tooth by reshaping or recontouring bone and gum tissue. This treatment can be performed on a single tooth, multiple teeth or the entire gum line, to expose a more balanced, esthetically pleasing smile.

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For more information on risks and treatments, visit the American Academy of Periodontology.